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She transformed a nightmare into a manageable situation

Our 19 year old son was accused of a DUI while driving with friends one evening. He was given the breathalyzer test incorrectly, was cuffed and sent to the police station while the car was impounded. That same evening, once our son was released to us, I immediately started searching the web for the names of potential legal assistance. I placed a cold call to Amy's number and she responded that evening (at about 2 AM), Having spoken to her, we felt confident that she would be an effective representative for our son and therefore decided to work with her. She explained the process ahead of us, and assured us that she would accommodate the needs for our son's case. . She was successful at clearing our son of all accusations. When we first received the call from our son regarding his arrest, we were not sure exactly what to do. Once we contacted Amy, all our questions were answered and, as the court dates were set up, Amy dealt with each court appearance in an effective way and our son was able to have a very positive outcome.
– A DUI Client

Proven Track Record

Proven track record of successfully helping people charged with DUI.