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What to expect from the Oakland DUI Lawyer Amy Morell?

A thorough consultation with your questions answered. Most consultations can be conducted in about 30 minutes (sometimes more depending on the complexities of the case).

  • We will discuss the facts of your case and what happened to you.
  • We will review potential defenses to the DMV hearing and court proceedings.
  • Possible outcomes to your case;
  • Possible penalties if you are convicted - these vary widely depending on the court where your case is located;
  • Possible consequences to your job and/or professional licenses;
  • Possible consequences with your driver license.

Amy Morell wants you to leave your consultation armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to lessen the impact of this incident on your life.

Once you hire Morell Law Office, we will work tirelessly and devote our extensive knowledge and resources toward getting you the best possible outcome in your case.

What is a Motion and why would my case need it?

In some cases, motions need to be filed to try to obtain a dismissal or reduction of charges. No extra fee is charged for this service - unlike some attorneys who may charge for additional services. We believe that once you hire our firm, you want us to do everything possible to get the best result in your case.

With the Morell Law, you will receive active and attentive representation:

  1. A DMV hearing request is made in writing and faxed to the DMV and a copy sent to you.
  2. An information sheet is provided to you, reviewing how DUI cases proceed.
  3. A letter of representation is sent to you assuring you that Amy Morell is your personal attorney representing you at all stages throughout your DUI case.
  4. A DMV hearing is scheduled with the date being immediately provided to you - we regularly update you as to the status of your case.
  5. We will make sure you receive your additional temporary license.
  6. After your court date, you are notified promptly to let you know your next court date and the status of your case.
  7. All evidence received from the office is promptly copied to you so that you have a complete copy of your file at all times.
  8. The support of our paralegals for any questions or concerns.
  9. Highly personalized attention from Attorney Amy Morell.

Amy Morell works with experts in Forensic Toxicology

Amy Morell regularly confers with some of the most highly regarded Forensic Toxicologists in the field of DUI defense. She has personally worked with and been taught by the leading authorities in the DUI field. If your case needs expert testimony, she will thoroughly discuss the expert's testimony with you.  We go above and beyond what other attorneys do in making sure you have the best defense.

The Bay Area's DUI Attorney

Amy Morell has worked with the judges and prosecutors in Oakland Court, having appeared in court more than a thousand times. She is knowledgeable of local rules and procedures of DUI cases in all surrounding counties.

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