San Francisco Peninsula DUI Attorney and Court Information


Facing DUI charges on the San Francisco Peninsula?

If you are facing DUI charges in the Peninsula, give Amy Morell of Morell Law Offices a call to review your case. Amy is a local DUI defense attorney with over 25 years of exclusive DUI/DWI law practice. A Former DUI Prosecutor, Amy has devoted her legal career to defending those how have been accused of DUI in the San Francisco Peninsula and the surrounding area.

On the Peninsula, different jurisdictions handle and treat DUI cases differently.

If you are arrested for DUI on the peninsula, the court where you will face your charges will have a big impact on how your case should be approached, and the potential defenses and outcomes. Amy Morell will not rest until everything possible has been done, all of your questions have been answered, and your fears and concerns addressed. A Former DUI Prosecutor, Amy understands how DUI cases are prosecuted, and how they can be defended.

On your first court date, your case will be listed on the court calendar. Your first court date is called an "arraignment." This date is a procedural court date where the complaint is received listing your charges and the police report. The chemical test results are also received. The case is then continued to another court date. In between the first court date and the second court date, the investigation into your case starts. This is a very important part of your case and why an attorney is essential to the proper defense of your case.  Amy Morell can make many court appearances on your behalf.

 Please call 510-293-9440 for a free case review with Attorney Amy Morell.

Proven Track Record

Proven track record of successfully helping people charged with DUI.