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Amy was AMAZING, she saved my career, education and my future

What can I say, Amy was AMAZING. She never once gave up on me or my case. She worked with me closely to prepare my defense and to make sure that no detail was lost. She looked at every detail, leaving no stone un turned when it came to putting my defense together. She LISTENED to my side of the story, never once did I feel that I did not have a chance to win. She worked closely with my witness and together we forged a very good defense. I never felt as if I was working with an attorney when I was working with Amy, I felt like I was working with family. She was concerned and fought dilligently on my behalf. Amy was so easy to talk to and easy to understand. My case took 20 months to resolve due to stall tactics on the part of the DA, that didn't matter. Amy was ready to go and never lost focus. When I contacted her the response was never, "hang on let me look at your file". She knew what was going on and exactly where we were. I never felt like a "number" when I was working with her. She believed in me and helped me to believe in myself and my case. In a nutshell, the DA believed they had a slam dunk DUI with a 2.0 b.a.c., with a citizen's arrest. It looked pretty grim in the beginning, but as the preparation went on and the various court proceedings took place prior to trial, my case grew stronger,during pretrial motions she was able to disect police officer testimony as well as disect the testimony of the "citizen arrest" witness. Amy was able to exploit all of the holes in the police report and the entire process. By the time we were actually ready to go to trial, I KNEW I HAD HIRED THE BEST. I was freaking out, but Amy was calm and ready for battle. When trial day came, the offers were flying. Due to my occupation, and future schooling I could accept only a dismissal or traffic infractions, either looked impossible prior to the proceedings. Once things got rolling and we got in front of the trial judge Amy was able to exploit just how weak the case was. I watched as she pretty much made the DA's case fall apart in front of his eyes, Amy completely outclassed him. Don't let her calm demeanor and southern drawl fool you, she will fight like a tiger in that court room! Amy was so effective in front of the trial judge, that my case never made it to a jury. I went from a DUI b.a.c. 2.0, special circumstances to 2 count em 2 traffic infractions! You heard me, 2 traffic infractions, NO criminal convictions, not probation, no vehicle interlock device, no DUI school, nothing. I was in shock when Amy came to me with the final offer from the DA, I was virtually speechless and pretty much brought to tears. I could barely muster up the words" no contest" when it came time to accept my traffic infractions! She pulled off the immposible. Amy never lost sight of what I needed to keep my job and educational goals intact, and that is exactly what she fought tooth and nail for! I am so indebted to Amy for here exspertise and skill. She truly saved my career, my future, the future of my family, you get the point. She was AWESOME. I can't recommend her highly enough. I am still in shock as I write this, my case ended yesterday, my life was taken off hold and my future was returned to me all thanks to Amy. She truly saved me.
– Benjamin, a DUI Client

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