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DUI in the Time of COVID19

Posted by Amy Morell | Jun 23, 2020

DUI During COVID19

A lot of changes have been made for DUI arrests and court proceedings during COVID19.  Many police agencies are no longer keeping arrestees in jail while they "sober up." Jails are rife with COVID19. Instead, arrestees are being cited and released. This means that when a person is arrested, the Officer asks them to call someone to come and pick them up. That person usually signs a release form that says they will be responsible for the person they are picking up. 

DUI Proceedings in Court

Court proceedings have changed as well during COVID19.  Many court appearances are via video. Also, resolutions to cases have changed. Alameda county has reduced the base court fine of first DUIs form $1954.00 to $431.00. The court recognizes that many people are struggling financially. Also, jail time and Sheriff's work program time has been significantly reduced given the current circumstances. 

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