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DUI Expungement

Posted by Amy Morell | Dec 15, 2015

DUI Expungement

What does it mean to get a DUI Expungement?

After probation has been completed, a Petition for a Withdrawal of Plea may be filed in the court where the conviction was entered.  Each Court has their own process for filing the Petition.  Some courts require a fee when the Petition is filed.  The following forms are typically used for the Petition:



When filing out the forms, be sure to include all necessary information.

A Declaration may be required before the Judge will grant the Petition.  Typically, on DUI cases with high BAC's and/or accidents, a declaration will be required.  

After the Petition is granted and the Ordered signed, it is sent to the Department of Justice to be updated in the computer.

If you would like more information on getting a DUI Expunged, please call Morell Law Office at 877-366-9440.

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