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What is a wet reckless?

Posted by Amy Morell | Oct 16, 2015

Wet Reckless

A wet reckless is a reduction from a DUI charge.  A wet reckless is a violation of Vehicle Code Section 23013 within 2310.5.  A DUI charge is typically a violation of Vehicle Code Sections 23512(a) and/or (b).  The Court refers to a wet reckless as an alcohol related reckless driving.  While that sounds worse than a DUI, it is actually better.  A reduction to a wet reckless may be beneficial for future and current employment, immigration consequences and other reasons.

The typical sentence for a wet reckless is 2-3 years of court probation.  Court probation is not supervised probation so no reporting to a probation officer is required.  One must not get arrested, not drink and drive, not refuse to take a chemical test if suspected of drinking and driving and requested by a peace officer, and not drive without a valid license or insurance.  Also, a court fine will be imposed.  A wet reckless school is also typically ordered.  This school is 12 hours long, 2 hours per week.  

Most importantly, a wet reckless will avoid the requirement that a breathing device (Ignition Interlock Device) be installed in a vehicle in Alameda, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Tulare counties.  

Also, a wet reckless conviction avoids having to file an SR-22 Form with the DMV.  This is a very expensive insuance requirement if your are convicted of a DUI.  Keep in mind tho, that if the DMV DUI hearing is lost, the DMV will require the SR-22 Form filing.  That is why it is important to hire a skilled DUI Defense Attorney to try and win your DMV hearing.

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