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If you are reading this review you are probably in the position I was this past summer. A horrible event just happened to you and you wish you could turn back time. You keep talking to yourself saying "if only I didn't take that route home/ if only I was 5 min later I would have missed that cop". The next day after you got out of jail, you go home and take a 60 min shower to scrub the jail cell and "shame" you were feeling. After it sets in, you went online to see what you should do next. Do you listen to the cops? They told you not to fight it.. Do you listen to others who this happened to? Many people tell you not to waste your money on a lawyer; it will be the same outcome; you will be out thousands of dollars. I heard a lot of people who were just bitter. I made the decision to research and found Amy Morell’s website. She contacted me back within 12 hours. We reviewed my case and she listened intently. From the first day, she asked what my expectations were and then always strived for the best possible outcome. That is what I appreciate about Amy. She will always make herself available to you. She of course has other clients but her and her awesome assistant Stephanie will always schedule you in as quickly as possible. With every interaction and court date, Amy kept me informed and advised me on the best possible outcome. You can “Google” every scenario and “angle” for your defense and I am willing to bet Amy knows about and has had experience with it. Trust me…I spent days researching, you can’t throw anything at Amy that she hasn’t heard of. I did all of this to protect my future so I could move on with my life, and not repeat the past. Amy will help you with the best possible outcome and protect your future. I will be using her for my expungement as well. Stephanie her assistant is awesome as well. She will keep you organized and informed of everything.
– Kx2, a DUI Client

Proven Track Record

Proven track record of successfully helping people charged with DUI.