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Getting a Restricted License For a First Time DUI Offense

Posted by Amy Morell | Apr 01, 2013

In California, you are eligible to get a restricted license after serving a minimum 30 day suspension on first time DUI offense where a chemical test was voluntarily obtained.  A restricted license is good to, from and in the course of employment and to and from the DUI school.

In order to get the restricted license you need to do three things:

1.  Get enrolled into a 3 month, Level One, DUI school. Go to to find a school near you.  An appointment to enroll should be made one week before you are eligible for the restricted license.  The school files the proof electronically with the DMV.  No paper proofs of enrollment are accepted at the DMV.

2.  Obtain an SR-22 Form from a car insurance company. This can be obtained from any car insurance company - not just the one you are currently with.  We recommend Breath Easy Insurance at 949-529-5060 because of their exceptional customer service.  However, you may call any insurance company you wish. The proof is electronically filed with the DMV.

3.  Make an appointment on line with the DMV at You can call the DMV at 916-657-6525 to make sure the above proofs are on file. Go to the DMV and pay $125.00 to get your restricted license.

These are just a few points related to DUI that you need to know. Your DUI or DWI attorney's job is to provide an impassioned defense, but it always helps if you know as much as possible ahead of time.

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