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Get Familiar with the Different Types of DUI

Posted by Amy Morell | Mar 15, 2013

When it comes to DUI, it is important to remember that it isn't just one category of offense.

There are several different types of DUI, and knowing and understanding the ramifications of each is the first step to helping your DUI attorney win your case. So what are the types of DUI?

Misdemeanor DUI:

The most common type of DUI, is misdemeanor DUI. Most involve alcohol, however DUI drugs can also be charged as a misdemeanor. Typically, a first time misdemeanor DUI does not end in jail time, but it may end with your license being suspended, a fine, probation and work or community service.

Felony DUI:

Felony DUI is much more serious. Felony DUI usually involves an accident or injury as a direct result of intoxicated driving or multiple DUI. A felony DUI conviction may involve some jail/prison time, license suspension, ignition locks, and more.

Types of DUI:

Administrative laws, BAC limits, minimum drinking ages, zero tolerance laws, and implied consent laws dictate how you'll be prosecuted. Often, they carry mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines.

These are just a few points related to DUI that you need to know. Your DUI or DWI attorney's job is to provide an impassioned defense, but it always helps if you know as much as possible ahead of time. For more information, or if you need a DUI attorney, contact us or give us a call at (877) 366-9440.

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