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Breaking down a DUI case.

Posted by Amy Morell | Mar 21, 2014 | 0 Comments

Why was the Justin Beiber case not filed?

There are many reasons why a DUI case may never be filed including test result problems, video evidence of no justification for a stop, etc. These same reasons for not filing a case can be used to defend a case that has been filed.

In most DUI cases, prosecutors do not view video evidence before filing charges. Instead, they rely on the written report submitted by the police officer. Sometimes, the reason written down for a stop is not shown on a video for the stop. This can be incredibly damaging to the prosecutor's case. The police officer's credibility is then brought into question.

Justin Biever arreest: DUI and drag racing charges dropped.  Why did the case breakdown?

Because Mr. Beiber's case was high profile, all evidence was likely carefully reviewed before the filing of charges. Unfortunately, this is not the situation in many cases.

A thorough and complete investigation is absolutely necessary for the proper defense of a DUI case.

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