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Arrested for DUI and Just Released from Jail, Now What?

Posted by Amy Morell | Sep 11, 2015

Arrested for a DUI

Being arrested for a DUI is a traumatic event.  One of the first things that people often do after being released from jail is to go home and start "googling."  This can be a scary endeavor.  Usually, there is a lot of misinformation about DUIs and what it means to be arrested and convicted of a DUI.

Penalties for a DUI

The consequences for and penalties for DUI's vary wildly depending on the court where the DUI case will be charged.  Even within a county, different courthouses have different penalties for similar DUI cases.  The first question most asked is "will I go to jail?"  While it is very unlikely that jail time is given in a first offense DUI, it is a possibility.  That's why it is very important to speak with any attorney that specializes in DUI cases.

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