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Because of Amy I was able to get my life back to normal

A case like this can be a very nasty experience. A lot of good people get caught up in such a situation either out of ignorance or out of error. Amy did a great job understanding my case and the possible ramifications on other aspects of my life. Indeed such a silly misdemeanor, even when fortunately no one was hurt, and BAC was at the borderline, could have some unexpected consequences on the accused's life. Amy understood all that and was able to successfully drive the case through a legal system that on one hand is so eager to dispense punishment for violators of the DUI laws, for obvious political reasons, yet on the other hand is so bogged down in all kinds of lawsuits. So, naturally, the wheels can turn very slow on this and it was evident in the slow response of the DA's office when doing discovery, because simply they have more serious cases at hand. Amy professionally managed all this and was reassuring throughout the whole process. In the end, she got me the best possible outcome for this, and I'm glad it is all behind me now. Amy also made herself available for any questions I had, and has actually provided some invaluable guidance throughout and at the end of the process to make sure I was able to satisfy what is required of me, and could get my life back to normal. For all that I'm grateful to her!
– A.H.

Proven Track Record

Proven track record of successfully helping people charged with DUI.